We Believe In Collaboration.

Let’s deliver an incredible brand experience together with our expertise in digital and technology space to meet the demand of this ever-changing market landscape.

Crafting Digital Experiences

Our team consists of outstanding individuals who have gained over 10 years of experience in digital / advertising agency and the corporate world. We used to be on the front line as well the back end so we have the ability to propose a 360 proposal.

Together, we transform customer experience

We have been collaborating with different agencies and brands to challenge the convention. Our goal is to constantly find the new ways of interaction which develop unforgettable brand experience.

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Core Services and Benefits

Creating an unforgettable brand experience is our aim. Find out more how we can make a difference.


QR code management system

Allocate a lot of internal staff just to handle the guest list and onsite registration? Scrabbling to find the name and yet there is a long queue out there? Time to engage us!

Tap & go

We can incorporate the QR code on your branded wristband so your guests can check-in / redeem gift or drinks / collect points / pay by simply tapping their wristband!

Branded wristbands

Customise your own branded wristband with the theme design. We have the professional team to advise you the best suited material based on the nature of your event.

A paperless process

From registration to onsite check-in and engagement, all are happening online. And there is a record for everything so you literally don’t need a paper and a pen!

Seamless experience

Our tools are integrated – everything is at your fingertips. From signing-up to onsite registration and engagement, we are sure going to leave a lasting impression.

Minimum error

Sometimes, human mistake is unavoidable. In order to ensure the data is accurate, we have the tools ready to filter and validate the data to achieve high delivery and engagement rate.

Secure platform

We have invested in a good server to secure all the data stored in our system. Protecting personal data is a shared goal and we have a proper NDA contract to prove that.


Customise event items within short production lead time

We know things only get to finalise at the very last minute. As we are the manufacturer, you don’t have to go through any middle persons. Deal directly with us to save cost, time and delivery fee!

Higher margin

We are offering factory price which is cheaper in comparison as we don’t go through any vendors / distributors. You can adjust the pricing accordingly based on your offerings to earn a higher margin.

Short production lead time

Last minute orders or changes? We are proud to say we are able to help! Of course, there is no overnight production but we can arrange to slot in the urgent order with our factory.

Design service

Have ideas but not sure how to do it? Worry not, we have the professional designer who can make it happen for you.

R&D spirit

We love to invent new things! If you have a cool proposal but have no idea about the execution, feel free to discuss with us.

Quality control

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products. We have set high standards in our production to ensure the quality of every product is always consistent and meet the expectations.

Free delivery*

We offer FREE delivery for the order in West Malaysia! If you are residing in East Malaysia, we will charge based on the quantity of the order and the location. *Terms and conditions apply.


Customised solution development

Wanted to develop an event microsite, interactive app or a system for long-term usage? Since our team was previously from the agency / corporate world, we have the best in both worlds!

True partner

We know the process is painful. So let us be your right-hand man. From concept ideas down to the structure and implementation, we can assist and know how to get it done.

The qualified team

We have proposed and executed numerous campaigns for our Clients. Whether it is a thematic campaign or a sales driven activation plan, we are familiar with all the details.

Stress free process

It is a nightmare when you have to do everything manually especially within a short time frame. Let’s improve that by using a customised systematic solution. No more stress, just peace of mind!


We put our hearts and souls into the planning to ensure our tailor-made proposal is sustainable, not just for short term. Every proposal is properly thought through to maximise the outcome.

Practical plan

Sometimes the idea might get killed due to a high development price. So we always make sure that the proposal is practical and at the same time meet your marketing and communication objectives.

Be the creator

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every brand is unique and the journey is definitely special. We are open to any collaborations to create something amazing together.

Our Services

Our Brands

We have two in-house brands, inspired by our spirit of never satisfied. From planning to execution, we have got you covered.

Wristband - the branded fashion statement

We have modernised wristband into many different formats using the latest technology. Of course, there are other range of items in our family too to cater to different types of event. As we are the manufacturer, we customise most of our products with very limited ready stock*.

*Selected range in plain colour only and subject to availability.

Advancing digital event solutions

Digital technology is the game changer. Team up with us to create a digital management solution so that you are one step ahead of the competition and always deliver a holistic event-technology experience. Let’s build a meaningful brand experience together!

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